Thriving Versus Striving In Recovery: The Power Of Language – By Nicola O’Hanlon

Thriving and striving: two action words that have very different effects on my mind, body and soul. How I speak to myself and the thoughts I have before words leave my mouth, have become fundamental parts of my functionality on this planet and plays a vital part in how my world manifests. More to the point…language plays a vital part in how I manifest my world. Through my training in several healing modalities I have become abundantly aware of how each of us has the ability to heal our own bodies, minds and hearts. While that belief may be rather radical and far reaching for some, it is my experience that it is totally possible and happens daily, even from the most extreme of illness. I trained in Reflexology, Reiki and Therapeutic Massage before I ever even considered that substance abuse was something I engaged in. Yet I knew I… Continue reading

Combating Stress – Reflexology, Massage & Mindful Living.

With the ever increasing demands on us to function in our high pressure world, many of us find we live in a constant state of high alert and anxiety. I myself, spent over a decade in sustained high stress situations and having to deal with the reality of my shattered life in recovery, without anything to numb the pain was tough. I was constantly physically ill and having type 1 diabetes for 30 years didn’t help. The effects of stress on our bodies generally cannot be avoided. Designed to help us survive under threatening situations, the fight or flight response releases hormones into our system. Oxytocin from the pituitary gland, adrenaline from the adrenal glands and Insulin and glucagon from the pancreas affect our blood sugar, blood pressure and energy levels. When in danger, these hormones secrete into our system to give us the required energy and heightened sensory ability… Continue reading

Natural Therapies to Treat Depression – Nicola O’Hanlon

Depression is described as a mood disorder that causes a persistent feeling of sadness and loss of interest. That simplistic explanation doesn’t really cover it though. My own experience of depression has, at times, left me completely dysfunctional and unable to perform the smallest task. It can and has in my case, lasted for weeks, months and even years. I’ve done extensive research on the causes and cures. I’ve had many treatments since I was 15 years old for depression and anxiety, but never found one thing that has made it disappear. Well, alcohol and drugs did a pretty good job for a while. But then there’s that whole dependence issue and ruining your life – so that had to stop. The one thing I’m sure of, having explored every avenue of wellness for myself, is that chemicals of any kind, illegal or prescribed do not work for me. I’ve… Continue reading