Days in The Life of an Adult Child – Rejection and Self-Acceptance

The theme of rejection towers over denial, grief and anger in my life. That is not to say that the three musketeers were bit parts. They loomed large for decades, but rejection was the mighty overlord of the kingdom. Looking back on it, I wonder what microscopic life force propelled me forward. I was once asked why I hadn’t considered suicide by a professional who should have known better than to plant the idea. Cowardice was the answer, I thought, but never bothered to say. I was never normal, whatever that is, and never fit in. Even as I write this, I am tempted to limit that rejection to socio-economics. But that’s untrue. I was “unfit” and defective in every human sense. Too small at four pounds. Too weak and requiring C-section birth. Too high maintenance; needing goat’s milk. Too slow to learn how to tie my shoes or tell… Continue reading