It’s Not You, It’s Me – By Kyczy Hawk

I have been through many a break up in my long life. I have been both the instigator and the one left behind. I have occasionally been part of a mutual decision to part ways. In my younger day’s most of the “dating” was done within the pack. We would pair up, be “the couple”, then break up. There would be the clustering of sympathy- sides would be taken, blame would be imposed and then life would resume. The parties (both myself and the other person) would show up sometime later, could be days, could be weeks, with another member of our group: arms circling each other’s waist, moony eyed and attached. Gut-punched or pleased, we would adapt and the churning would go on. A break-up, a re-attachment, the dance of love would continue. I learned the “it’s not you it’s me” phrase early on. In my twenties, the breakups… Continue reading

How I Learned What Love Is – By Greg R

  Before I came to the fellowship, Love was physical and material. I didn’t like commitment, however, my attitude to anything was “What’s in it for me?” or “OK, and what do I get out of it?” I was either totally selfish or completely grovelling; there was seldom an in between balance. If I wasn’t in a relationship, or what I took as a relationship, then I was a failure. If I was in a relationship, I was either; scared of her seeing the real me, or more often than not, seeking comfort from the female of the species, to impress or get them to feel sorry for me, just for the sympathy sex. Basically, when with my partner, I was happy and contented, but if I was working away I acted like a single man on the hunt. After coming to the fellowship, having lost mostly everything, let alone… Continue reading