New Sober Moms Guide Website – By Rosemary O’Connor

I’m so excited to announce the launch of the Sober Moms Guide website. This is a dream come true! I have longed to develop a dynamic website to provide all kinds of resources for moms to get sober, stay sober and live an amazing life. The website is designed to support: A mom struggling with drugs, alcohol and/or other addictions. A mom in recovery who wants to enhance their journey of fulllfillment in sobriety. A professional who helps moms. A family member or friend of a mom. Wherever you’re coming from, you’ve come to the right place. Stop by the Sober Moms Guide website today to see all the new free tools and resources available to you. Here’s what’s waiting for you right now… My free ebook, A Sober Mom’s Guide to Overcoming Guilt. If you wrestle with guilt and shame, this is the ebook for you! My book for moms, The Sober Mom’s Guide to… Continue reading

An In depth Review of “A Sober Mom’s Guide to Recovery” By Rosemary O’Connor. Intimacy and Drama/Truth and Fiction – Review By Jackie S.

  It seems that the reading my friend and I are doing appears to cover two topics and amazingly, the topics develop to having something in common. At first glance, I was not sure how that would work out this week. The concept of finding intimacy and the recognition of being a Drama Mama didn’t seem to jive. As usual, my first thought is wrong. Rosemary and I shared a misconception of what intimacy really is. We both thought that intimacy was inextricably wrapped up in sex and that self-worth was similarly wrapped in the relationship with a partner. But neither of us understood that intimacy reaches a deeper level. Just as Rosemary stated, I was terrified of allowing anyone to really know me. First, the problem was that I really didn’t know myself very well. But what I did know, I didn’t like much and I was afraid that… Continue reading