No Is A Complete Sentence – By Jackie Stein

  As we head back into the school year, our children will be exposed to many different ideas and suggestions. This will occur for all age groups: elementary schools, high schools, universities. Some will come from educators who have agendas and some will come from peers who are already under the influence of others. Some will come from children whose parents’ values do not align with ours. As they go out into the world, it is important for us to instill in our precious children a sense of self-esteem.  Without that feeling of power over self, our children are more likely to be manipulated by others. It is difficult to instill this powerful feeling once the children have hit adolescence. In many cases, peers have become much more important than parents. So, it is very important that we instill strength in our children at a very young age. I am… Continue reading

What Do You Love About Yourself? Or Like? Okay, Maybe Don’t Hate? – By Tsgoyna Tanzman

What’s Something You Love About Yourself? Or Like? Okay, maybe, Don’t Hate? “Everyone’s a genius. But if you judge a fish by its ability to climb a tree, it will live its whole life believing it is stupid.” (unknown author mistakenly attributed to Einstein) You’re a winner. Your very existence means you’ve won the lottery of life. The Spermatozoa Superlotto. The DNA Jackpot. Gifted with unique strengths and a set of spanking fingerprints to make your mark. Yet, we often focus on what we don’t like: Our thighs are too thick, our nose is too long, or too short or crooked. We’re too old, too young, too fat, too thin. Blah blah blah Beyond those visible features, marked and measured, are the invisible ones. Our energetic gifts. Our disposition. Our generosity. Our humor. Our determination. Our creativity. Our compassion. Our inquisitiveness. What does it take for us to love ourselves in the way we want others to love us?… Continue reading

SELF-ESTEEM: Tips, Tricks & Traps – by Kyczy Hawk

I came to recovery broken. I came to recovery having lost all sense of self. I had a huge sense of what I had needed; another drink, another line, another pill – anything- I just needed something!  Until I didn’t. Until I had only one thing left to lose: my being. The day after I had taken my last drink, and NO, I didn’t know at the time it would be my last, but that day, that morning I woke up, sitting on the edge of the bed – looking out at nothing. I felt lost and doomed. I felt that if I did this one more time, if I drank and drugged just one more time, I would walk out on what was left of my life. I would walk out of my dingy infested room, out the front door and turn my back on the last bits of… Continue reading