A Body Apology – By Andrea Wachter, LMFT

Having spent the first half of my life trying to lose weight, I decided some time ago that I refuse to spend the second half of my life trying to lose wrinkles. All day long, our bodies work diligently for us, yet most people walk around lost in thought, ignoring, criticizing and often times even despising their bodies. I used to be an extreme body hater. After decades of working on cultivating self-kindness and self-care, I am now extremely devoted to loving and appreciating the body I live in. I also have the good fortune of being able to teach others how to do the same. It occurred to me recently that while my body must be infinitely more content with the treatment it receives from me now (both externally and internally), I felt like I owed it an apology. After all, if I had abused someone else for decades… Continue reading

I Love Me; What I Learned From My 5 year old Daughter – By Phoenix Emery

It’s interesting to stand aside and just observe my emotions. I lost my mother in 2006. For many years I’d hear a song, see a play, or think of something I knew my mother would like and I couldn’t control the emotions that took over. I’d easily tear up and feel my body transported into the pain I felt on the day I lost her. That had been the same with my divorce. A song, a thought, missing my ex, just having the desire to talk with her and see how her day was, I’d go from happy go lucky to an instant mush of sadness. Through recovery and the work I’ve done this past year, it’s been easier to manage my emotions. I feel them coming, I acknowledge them, I accept them, and I try not let them overwhelm me. If they do become overwhelming, I let them flow,… Continue reading

A Meditation By Kyczy Hawk – Self-love & Truth (20min Podcast)

A beautiful 20 minute meditation from Kyczy Hawk to promote Self-love, Self-care and fulfilling your highest level of truth that is already present deep in our souls. Kyczy delivers the meditation beautifully. Her voice is both calming, encouraging and affirming. Please listen. You will love it! Continue reading

How To Light Your Own Candles – Make Believe, Make Belief: By Tsgoyna Tanzman

“I’m celebrating my birthday”, Amaya, my six year old grand niece informed every waiter at every restaurant she visited during the month of November. At home, she’d announced her intention to celebrate “all month long”. In her short life and experience of celebrating only five birthdays, she was on to the magic of self-acknowledgement. Taking care of herself! She didn’t expect anyone or anything to celebrate her without her orchestration and participation. She carried her own candles in her own little purse; “just in case the restaurant doesn’t have them” –  making certain she was responsible for all the details of her happiness. How responsible are you for the details of your own happiness? We often expect other people and things outside ourselves to make us happy, but the truth is, it is always our responsibility. Derek Rydall, leading edge coach and founder of Emergence, examines the word responsibility and makes it two words:… Continue reading

Love Attracts Love – By Nicola O’Hanlon

The eternal quest to find the perfect life partner – that “someone” we connect with on every level – is something we all crave. If we just find that right person, our whole lives will transform into magic. Having someone to spend our days and nights with, share the highs and lows with and make love with, will definitely enhance our existence – when we are emotionally available enough to create such a connection. When we come into recovery having left our addictive behaviour behind, we often feel a huge loss. A grief of sorts. It’s at this time we are most vulnerable and find ourselves filling that gap with relationships that may end up being detrimental to our wellbeing. Those who are already in relationships are presented with their own set of problems and struggle with the immense surge of feelings and emotions experienced in early recovery. The dynamics… Continue reading