Thriving versus Striving In Recovery – A Yogic View: By Kyczy Hawk

What is the difference between striving and thriving? The general understanding of the words is the difference between making strenuous effort and flourishing. To me it is the difference between getting clean and recovering. Both efforts are important. One got me to the gift of desperation; the other keeps me on my road to restoring my sanity. Striving got me here (to recovery) and thriving keeps me here. I was depleted, guilt ridden, ashamed, and exhausted when I gave up drinking. I was demoralized and spiritually depleted when I first gave up using drugs. My move to being sober was not toward the wonderful life I would be living; it was away from the pain and misery my life had become. I wasn’t working toward anything. I had no idea about what my future would be like, the life I would eventually lead. I had only the goal of stopping. Stopping… Continue reading