Where Are Your Thoughts Taking You?- By Tsgoyna Tanzman

“I just want to be happy.” That’s a pretty common reply to the question, “What do you want in life?” So what is happiness? What causes it to be present and what causes it to flee? Is the problem with Happiness that we treat it like a noun, believing Happiness is a fixed destination much like a point on a map? What if Happiness were treated like a verb, an action, and what if that action had nothing to do with the actual pursuit of happiness? What if happiness was a by-product of something else entirely? Dr. Matt Killingsworth, a Robert Wood Johnson Health and Society Scholar, who studies the nature and causes of human happiness, and is the creator of track your happiness which uses smartphones to study happiness in real-time during everyday life gave a brilliant TED talk revealing the answer and it turns out it’s not so much what you do, or what your not doing,… Continue reading

Make Believe Make Belief: How to Stop Your Brain From Choking – By Tsgoyna Tanzman

Mental Health

I stood on the playground in my green, parent-volunteer apron. Kids were eating, playing, running, sliding, screaming. A fifth grader carrying a lunch tray frantically ran toward me and then screeching to a halt. His eyes bulged. He looked like he was going to throw up. But there was no sound. Oh my God are you choking? His eyes enlarged. He shook his head yes. In an instant, I got behind him, wrapped my arms around his slight frame, hugged my fists and dug into his gut thrusting upward. After three thrusts, the beef jerky that held him in the precipice of life and death, flew out. He gasped a giant gulp of air.  Smiled. Said a very sincere thank you, and dashed off to eat and play. That was it. Done. No big deal. Next … He held no fear of what could’ve happened. He only knew in that moment… Continue reading