Preparing our Relationships for the Holidays – Jackie Stein, BALM Family Recovery Life Coach

    The Norman Rockwell version of the family holiday party exudes warmth, peace and connection. In a family with a loved one in early recovery, the mere idea of a family gathering can cause enormous stress. Before our loved one entered recovery, their method for dealing with this stress likely involved drinking or drugging. While intoxicated they could deal with the insanity surrounding preparation for and engaging in holiday parties. For those who are now in the early stages of recovery, especially in the first year, attending these functions will likely involve a great of fear, regarding how they can manage these festivities and stay clean and sober, while still enjoying the family time together. Several ideas come to mind. First, both the person in recovery and the family need to have a plan for how they will handle the holidays for themselves and for the family as a… Continue reading

12 Suggestions for Holiday Sanity – By Jackie Stein

  Holidays, families and people living in recovery. A time to have an attitude of gratitude or just an attitude. Which do you choose? The holidays are stressful for everyone…lots of shopping and cooking. Lots of spending…sometimes beyond our means. Lots of parties. Lots of booze. Lots of cookies. And since we are spending this time with our families and close friends, these are the same people who know how to push our buttons and turn stress to implosion or explosion. There are steps we can take to try to keep the insanity to a dull roar. I hope they are helpful…. Remember that “No” is a complete sentence. Of course, if there is a family party or dinner or an office gala, it would be nice if you made an appearance. If you don’t, you may make life with your family or your employer unbearable for the year to come.… Continue reading