Drinking:  A Love Story — HELP  by Jackie S.

In this, the next to last chapter of Caroline Knapp’s wonderful biography, Drinking: A Love Story, we are examining the subject of getting help. There are many ways to go about getting help.  Caroline talks about her stay in a rehab facility and her eventual acceptance of, and warming to, the camaraderie of Alcoholics Anonymous. This essay is not a testimonial to any rehabilitation facility or to the support group known as AA. Rather, those two methods are used to describe ways to find help. Caroline also talks about people who find recovery completely on their own, go out on their own after they are no longer fed by the support programs, and other programs that are not twelve step focused. The first thing Caroline focused on, as she contemplated the date, two weeks in the future, was she would be giving up all possibility of every having any fun… Continue reading

Alabama Tornadoes – By Gabriel Rheaume

“You will escape disaster together and you will commence shoulder to shoulder your common journey…” The power is out. Every now and then a power outage can remind me of so many things we normally take for granted. I can really be grateful for everything and anything if I choose to look at it that way. The power going out always reminds me of when the tornadoes that hit Alabama in 2011. I was in a religious program of recovery called the Cenacolo Community. That was before I really knew what recovery was – before I escaped the community. Before I fell further and harder – but that’s a different story. I woke up that April morning, with everyone else in the house, to one of the most ferocious and furious storms I’ve ever witnessed. The power was out and it was dark. Our house was giant – high ceilings,… Continue reading