Drinking: A Love Story — Double Life II By Jackie S

Cheating Wife

  This week Caroline’s book focuses on unmanageability. Maybe better said, the chapter discusses unmanageability and how there is a lack of focus associated with it.  Alcoholics lie. We tell little lies.  We tell spectacular lies.  We lie to others. We lie to ourselves. These are simply statements of fact – there is no judgement involved. We turn lying into an art form. Caroline spent several years trying to manage two intimate relationships without knowing how to extricate herself, keeping the two men at arm’s length from one another. She lied to one while she was with the other one. She lied about how much alcohol she was consuming. She lied to herself that her out-of-control drinking was because she had just lost her father and her mother was ill. She would get it under control when things got better. The ultimate lie we tell ourselves. While my story doesn’t… Continue reading

A Life I Couldn’t Accept – So I Made it Better

This October if I make it to October, because I take it one day at a time, I will be sober for two years. Back then, I was working full time in an office in the IT industry. I lived alone in a foreign country and entangled in a very co-dependant relationship with a friend who was not very well. We were not lovers but spent a ridiculous amount of time together. I saw my two kids only at the weekends, (luckily for us all) and I had debts that I couldn’t manage.  I couldn’t understand where all the money was going.  At one stage my bank card was cancelled because of my consistent over draft. My bills lay unopen for weeks, and I wouldn’t even open the letter box until I really needed to. I have failed at two long term partnerships, each lasting about seven years. My work… Continue reading