Changing Our Environment to Enhance Recovery – Nicola O’Hanlon

All living beings have the need and the ability to be sensitive to their surroundings to help them to survive and thrive. Humans, like all other beings, including plants, have an innate awareness of environment and seek out environments with certain qualities. For example, certain plants can only grow and thrive in certain environments. Some need lots of sunshine, some need shade. The soil they root into also has a huge impact; some need alkaline soil conditions, some need acidic and some need more water than others. However, once a plant is in the ideal environment it grows strong and thrives. Humans are no different. We have a strong need for safety and security and look for those attributes in our environment whether we are conscious of it or not. We also look for physical comfort and so things like the right temperature is important and just like plants we need the right… Continue reading

Boosting Your Immune System In Recovery.

After years of abusing our body with drugs and alcohol and neglecting our health, our immunity will have taken a beating and we will need some extra help to protect ourselves. With the Flu season upon us there are many things we can do to protect ourselves from getting sick. We are encouraged by the FDA to have our Flu Shot and our media reinforces hand washing and antibacterial gels that are surrounding many of our supermarkets, medical facilities and hospitals. We ultimately make our own decision regarding a flu shot and millions choose to follow this suggestion. My  personal concerns are recent studies that show that,s levels of mercury in the vaccine are incredibly high. Mercury is a metal and therefore is toxic to the body. It is wise to do our own research and investigation of what we are putting in our bodies. So if this is not… Continue reading