For Women Only; Aging, Hormones and Yoga – By Kyczy Hawk

I treasure my recovery. I love the calm and finding moments of serenity in each day. In early recovery I used to think that a life without chaos would be boring. I was worried that without the ups and downs of crises and resolution, relationships that were no longer based on F&F (you know what that is), an emotional landscape that was no longer out of control would mean that I was no longer vital, that I was living a mundane, dull and uninteresting life. I discovered that calm was enjoyable and contentment did not equal a colorless life. In fact I discovered that I did not have to contribute to the insanity of life; life would present me with adequate challenges, thank you very much. The principles of recovery would see me through with equanimity. I have been lucky enough to have gotten clean and sober in my early… Continue reading

International Womens Day; The Women Who Showed Me The Way – By Nicola O’Hanlon

Today, on this, International Womens Day, I want to honour the women who have helped and inspired and nourished me along my sometimes pretty horrific path. Long gone are the days of hiding away in shame, anonymous and afraid that someone may find out we have had issues with addiction, mental health, domestic violence, eating disorders, various kinds of trauma and sexual violation. We women are recovering and thriving in the face of multifaceted adversity and at a time in HERSTORY, where it’s never been more important to join together in solidarity with our sisters, the fierce feminine is arising in all walks of society. I have been fortunate to come in contact with women who taught me that recovery, independence and real freedom is possible. My decision to seek a better life and different understanding of the world, opened up infinite possibilites for me. Some of the women I… Continue reading

Nicola talks to Dawn Nickel of She Recovers (podcast)

    Nicola Talks to Dawn Nickel of She Recovers, about their shared recovery philosophy, upcoming She Recovers events around the world, and the She Recovers Intentions & Guiding Principles. A truly uplifting and empowering conversation! Find out more about Dawn and She Recovers at her website here     Continue reading

A Sober Mom’s Guide to Recovery By Rosemary O’Connor. Living the Dream – Review By Jackie Stein

“Don’t die with the music still in you.” – Rosemary O’Connor In this chapter of O’Connor’s self-help book, Rosemary examines the concept of living life in recovery. We don’t get clean or sober to live in a bubble or to just stay frozen in time. While in our addiction, we never thought about the future or even the present. We were never bored because we were rarely aware. Now, without the ability to numb ourselves to the world, we are part of the world…and we are scared shitless. What do we do? The Big Book of Alcoholics Anonymous references feelings of restlessness, irritability and discontentment. We are both bored and scared. We are afraid to do things because we are afraid to fail. Rosemary shows us that this is our chance to live the dream. As she acknowledges, just the fact that we are now sober is a miracle. If… Continue reading

An In-depth Review of “A Sober Mom’s Guide to Recovery” By Rosemary O’Connor. ANGER……..Review by Jackie S.

Okay, this topic needed to be discussed on its own because how women deal with anger is enough to make someone’s blood boil. On this topic, my experience and Rosemary’s are in unison. Even our solution is similar; however, the length of time needed to solve the issue was significantly different.  The bottom line is: Never give up. From the time I was a little girl, I was expected to act like a lady. That had very specific guidelines.  First, I had to be polite. If I was angry, I was expected to bite my tongue and swallow my anger. It wasn’t ladylike to yell or scream or punch. Even as we got older, my girlfriends and I would talk about other girls.  We would be snide or “catty” but if our parents found out, we would be chastised for being unladylike. So, as we got older, we learned to… Continue reading