The Creation Of A Poet – By Cassandra Smith


“Feeling Free” – By Diane Thaler

My turbulent childhood

molded me into a poet.


Black shadows hiding

beneath gray clouds

of confusion.


Sculpturing, steaming,

forming words

throwing them on paper


Living now

Putting my past behind

unless pulling up

or helping others


Avoiding pitfalls, pot holes,

poisoning emotions

 I’m writing, dreaming,

living, loving, hoping,

pulling good out of chaos


Caressing paper

raising me higher

above turbulence

Someone said,

“The best thing about

childhood is that it is over.”


 I don’t agree.


Living my childhood

molded me into a poet


Using words as tools

painting positive pictures

on naked canvases


Coloring life- soft

white clouds mingling

among celestial beings

Soft, soft, blue…

The Creation of a Poet was published in the 2016 edition of The United Federation of Teachers (UFT) annual publication, Reflections in poetry and prose.


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