What is Your Theme for 2017? – By Tsgoyna Tanzman

Theme parks. Party themes. Theme songs.

Are you catching the theme?

Themes are a way of organizing a big picture category, a vibe, a value, a guiding principle.

Disney chose the theme “The Happiest Place on Earth” and everything associated with this franchise is driven to fulfill that experience.

Resolutions are the typical theme of the New Year, but I recently read a blog post suggesting swapping out resolutions for choosing a theme for your year.

What if you viewed your life as a PARTY. What kind of theme would you choose? What’s the party you would want to go to?

Suppose you chose the theme of health and well being. Think of how many choices you would have each and every day to see if your actions fit your theme: from food to exercise to sleep to healthy thoughts?

What if Gratitude were your theme?  How many different ways could you express gratitude from verbally thanking someone (as we are accustomed) all the way to the most minute dissected awareness of gratitude.

Take the simple act of eating an apple. You could be grateful to the people who created the seeds for planting, the people who planted the seeds, those who fertilized them and tended to the orchards, those who harvested the apples and trucked them to the store, those who set the apples in the bins, and those who sold them to you.

Themes can make choices and actions clearer and more defined.

Simply ask

Does this fit my theme?  

This year I am going for a triple A theme:  Alignment, Allowance , Adventure.

Alignment allows me to seek and connect with my higher power. Alignment invites me to be responsible for my thoughts and mental hygiene. Not feeling good is a signal that I am out of alignment–just like when my wheels and steering are off, I know I need alignment.

Allowance is a place of receptivity and flow.  It is the opposite of resistance. Allowance is also about Acceptance. Acceptance without judgement  ALLOWS me to choose where I want to be.

Adventure is about being daring and exploring the unknown, whether it is in relationships or exotic destinations. Adventure is about moving into unfamiliar territory and trying new things. It is about expansion.

So what will you choose as your theme for 2017?

Wishing you a buoyant, bubbly new beginning. Live joyously and clean in 2017.



About Tsgoyna Tanzman

For more than 20 years, Tsgoyna has been coaching a broad range of people, including those who’ve suffered traumatic brain injuries and catastrophic life events as well as healthy, smart, successful people who’ve been derailed or feel stuck. She likes to say, “You don’t have to have a brain injury to damage your brain, we do that with our limiting thoughts and negative beliefs.” Tsgoyna is an expert at helping women learn to coach themselves, so they can redefine and recreate their lives from an integrated, empowered and joyful state. She teaches women the tools and strategies to separate circumstances from thoughts & feelings, while gaining insight and choice into the actions they take. She supports women in releasing emotional baggage and limiting beliefs, setting goals and taking action to achieve them. Tsgoyna knows about addiction, codependence, alcoholism and the daily process of working a program as her husband is celebrating 25 years of sobriety since the intervention she arranged. Tsgoyna is a Speech/Language Pathologist, MA/CCC, Certified Life Coach, Mental Emotional Release® Therapist, Master Practitioner of Neurolinguistic Programming and a Certified Hypnotherapist. Additionally, she achieved a Level II certification in E.F.T (Emotional Freedom Technique). She has also been guest writer with 9 published pieces at the online magazine MORE.COM as well as having 15 stories published in Chicken Soup for the Soul ( in 15 different anthologies).
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  1. Thank you and glad you found this inspiring. Perhaps you will share your theme with us

  2. How inspiring – THANK YOU!!

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