What Drives Those Wonderful Aha Moments? – By Sally Stacey

Have you ever tied yourself in knots trying to think of how to resolve a problem, then slept on it and woken knowing exactly what needed to be done?

Or have you prayed for guidance in a situation and had the answer suddenly appear out of the blue by way of a thought, a nudge or a person? A God moment or a God shot perhaps?

What about reading or hearing a concept that didn’t quite gel until you saw it in action or you experienced it…and then the penny dropped?

Has exasperation ever been etched across your face as you searched the recesses of your brain for the name of a familiar song you’ve just heard but can’t remember…only for it to hit you between the eyes a couple of hours later?

And what about anxiously wrestling with a delicate situation regarding someone…a child or a parent perhaps…only for the solution to make itself known whilst you’re singing in the shower or doing some other equally mundane activity?

Or have you found yourself waving a white flag and giving up altogether on trying to find a solution to something only for the lightbulb to go on at some later point..spotlighting the answer that you had missed?

These wonderful happenings and others are often referred to as Aha moments (or epiphanies).

Some famous examples of Aha moments include that of Bill Gates when he realised he would have to sell his product before he could even make it. Another example involves Sir Paul McCartney when the tune for the song, “Yesterday,” came to him fully developed in 1964 as he woke up one morning. And Percy Spencer is another who was working on radar technology when a chocolate bar melted in his pocket and he went on to invent the microwave. Then there’s Oprah who has catalogued many of her Aha moments including that of reading a book which led to her understanding just how the power of intention had played out in her life…that she’d played a major role in setting up every one of her life circumstances.

Aha moments appear to have value whether big or small in nature…they are moments of sudden insight, inspiration, recognition or comprehension. Clarity arrives and solutions to problems or significant realisations can occur. For many, they can happen anywhere at anytime, under varying conditions.

But what do you think generates them? Are they divinely inspired, or the result of a calm and uncluttered mind, or an intuitive thought…or something else perhaps? Can the scene be set to increase their likelihood of occurring….for example, by way of prayer, meditation, heading to the quiet of nature to seek undisturbed solitude or by journaling or introspective analysis? Or are they simply random happenings that need to unfold at their own pace?

Interesting to reflect on. Curious to your thoughts regarding the slightly mysterious but wonderful Aha moments that can occur and also to your experiences of them if you’ve had any.

Sally S

About Sally S

Born in Yorkshire, raised on the little Island of Guernsey...I’ve always been a curious type of person. A bit of a nurturer...fascinated by people, cultures, nature and the world at large. My mother tells me my most frequently uttered word as a young child was “why?” and I was that kid on the beach that never lay on a towel catching rays but would spend my time turning over stones in rock pools to see what lived underneath. Having lived in a few countries and explored many more..I’m always humbled and perhaps oddly comforted by knowing that I’m just a tiny dot in a vast world of interconnected life. Forever evolving, forever changing. Addiction is a large part of my adult life..when active, it was a destructive force but the existential crisis it eventually led to is something I am now truly grateful for. I don’t know what lies around the corner but one thing I’m pretty sure of, life in recovery is for living
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