The Wind’s Advice; Poetry By Keitha B Cole – Art By Darren Blum


When love tries,

Failing to reach your ears,

But, wrenching your heart with every word,


That your time is yours and what you make of it

That without wings you cannot fly off this hill.

That some just know what they need to fulfill

And some see it clearer

By falling to the bottom

And looking up.




About Keitha Cole

Keitha B is a recovering alcoholic who is ready to start over after a sabbatical from writing poetry and composing music. In the last seven years she has procured two associates degrees with honors and gotten sober to the tune of four years consecutive (DOS: 11/27/2012). She has been known to crochet a hat or two, tutor math, edit a newsletter for Phi Theta Kappa Honor Society and help another alcoholic when she can.
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